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Paintless Dent Removal

From the owner of Extreme Dents LLC

Having experience in the car industry for over 23 years, it’s my company’s goal to provide the highest level of service for each and every customer that I have the opportunity to serve. The PDR (Paintless Dent Repair) industry has had some very exciting innovations recently that make it possible to restore just about any damage. There are some pretty amazing repairs accomplished by PDR. Check out some examples here in our before and after section.

Extreme Dents LLC is a company that cares about every repair no matter how small or big. Every repair will be the best it can be. We guarantee our work will meet with your satisfaction and we’ll always stand behind our work with honesty and integrity.

Extreme Dents LLC is the premier paintless dent repair company For Levittown, Pennsylvania.

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Our Mission:

Extreme Dents LLC has as a primary mission to provide excellent repair for any door ding, dent or collision damage.
Using our advanced PDR techniques, we can remove many types of minor dent damage including hail or door dings. PDR is many times faster than conventional repairs and PDR does not use traditional auto body methods like sanding, body fillers, or painting. We always perform this work with our goal to be the leader in Paintless Dent Removal.

Mobile Service Areas:

We come to you just about anywhere in and around Levittown, Pennsylvania. We’re committed to making our business the one you think of when a dent needs to be removed!

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Don’t wait any longer, restore your vehicle look to “factory” or better. To provide us with a photo of the damage just put your camera a 45º angle and send it to:  extremedentsllc@gmail.com or use our mobile schedule-a-repair form where you can even use your smart phone to send us a short video!


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What Is PDR?

Dent Removal Explained:

PDR is short for Paintless Dent Removal.

It’s a method of removing and repairing a wide range of dents, dings, and creases from the aluminum and steel panels of an automobile without damaging the paint. By using special tools, many types of minor dent damage, including hail or door dings, can be removed without fillers, sanding and painting.  These special tools are used to carefully push out the dents from the underside of the body panel.

Dents several inches in diameter can be successfully repaired providing the paint has not been damaged or the metal stretched. Since no toxic chemicals or materials are used the dent removal process, PDR is 100% environmentally friendly!

The Process:

Paintless dent removal is an art. It is performed by massaging the metal back into its original form with specific tools and using highly skilled techniques. This is done by accessing the back of the damaged area. These factors make it extremely important that the technician is experienced or well versed, as once a “repair” has been done poorly, it is very difficult to turn back the clock. At this time it’s usually necessary to bondo and paint the vehicle in a Body-shop.  Sometimes panels need to be removed to gain access to the area behind the dent. These factors play a role in the cost of a repair, obviously the more that needs to be removed and re-installed, the more it will cost to complete a repair.

Chances are, if you call a Levittown, Pennsylvania dealership to ask who they recommend for paintless dent repair, they are going to point you in the direction of Extreme Dents LLC!

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About Extreme Dents LLC

Welcome to Extreme Dents LLC!

Extreme Dents LLC is all about providing the highest quality service in the paintless dent removal industry. Our company services many car dealerships and body shops in the area.  You can be confident that you are using the same highly skilled technician that some of the top body shops and dealerships in this same area are using.

Common repairs we are able to handle are small, medium, and sometimes large dents, hail damage, creases and body lines. We have been working on cars for many years and now it has turned into a business to offer this same quality and convenience to our local community – people like you, with anything from a door ding to hail damage, or even a minor collision. You can count on an honest assessment of the damage and you will know all your options up front.

It is an art form being able to remove dents without the need for repainting.  We hope that our passion shows through the workmanship you receive.

Still unsure?  Check out our Testimonials!



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5 Star Reviews:

Bill Klandt Review posted on
Jul 20, 2016

“Kevin was nice & gave a good estimate did a very nice job on both of my car & truck seemed very knowledgeable about the job & was very neat. I was very happy with the end result and would use him again. Would also not hesitate to recommend him to others”

Jocelyn Withers Review posted on
Jul 2, 2016

Amazing Job!!!!! What a pleasant experience using extreme dents!!!! Meticulous work! A+++

Andrew Herman Review posted on
Jul 2, 2016

Had the WORST dent on my 2015 Nissan Rouge. Looked no further than Kevin at Extreme Dents to get the work done because he treated me professionally and assured me my door would look as good as new. When he gave me my keys back and I looked at my car I couldn’t believe how good it looked, 100% like new. Thank you Kevin for your amazing work and incredible attention to detail!!!!

Lauren Herman Review posted on
Jul 2, 2016

My husband brought his car in for work and the results were incredible. I had a tiny ding on my door from a stone that was kicked up while mowing the lawn. Kevin assured me no dent was too small and wouldn’t you know it, he completely restored my door to new. I wouldn’t go anywhere else!!


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